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In my Spanish classes, I’ll ask you about your dog

¿Qué tal si hablamos de tu perro en clase? 🐕

Let's make Spanish personal!

In my personalized Spanish classes,

you won't just learn

new structures

and vocabulary,

but you'll also engage in

authentic conversations

about topics that matter to you.

What better way to learn than

by discussing what truly interests you?

Picture this:

instead of just repeating phrases,

we have conversations about your dog,

last weekend's adventures,

or the processes at your job.

By talking about topics that are close to you,

your ability to remember information greatly improves.

And that's exactly what we want!

My classes are designed to help you

achieve your goal of being able

to engage in real-life Spanish conversations.

Do you think discussing personal interests

can improve language learning?

Share your opinions in the comments!

Personalized Spanish Classes
Personalized Spanish Classes

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