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¡Hola! 👋 Hi, I'm Priscila Leguiza, originally from Argentina 🇦🇷, now living in California!

With 11+ years of experience teaching foreign languages and a degree from the National University of Cordoba, I've had the amazing opportunity to teach students of all ages and backgrounds in different countries. 🌍 But let me tell you, my journey with language learning hasn't always been smooth sailing! 😅

Picture this: When I first traveled to the USA in 2015, despite years of studying English, I found myself struggling to order food or ask for directions. 🍔🗺️ I could dissect English literature and master the most intricate grammar rules, but I had never practiced a simple "going to the restaurant" conversation. Can you relate? 🤷‍♀️

That experience sparked a fire in me. It became my mission to help others build the confidence to have real conversations in Spanish without any hesitation and understand what others are saying. 💪 With my background in mentoring students and designing custom curriculum to enhance speaking skills, I'll be your experienced guide on your path to Spanish fluency. 🌟

In my Spanish classes, we focus on practical conversation skills, so you can confidently communicate in any situation. 🗣️💬 Don't wait any longer to start speaking Spanish! Let's work together to improve your language skills and gain the confidence you need to thrive. I'd love to hear more about what you're looking for in a Spanish program. Send me a message, and let's chat about the best option for you. 🎉

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